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Nov 28, 2018

After a hearty Thanksgiving holiday, the guys took a holiday trip consumed with wrestling & hanging with some amazing friends. They return this week to talk of their adventures and discussing the week in the sport including:

  • Wrestlecade activities
  • WWE Raw struggles while looking like an infirmary 
  • WWE NXT continues to...

Nov 27, 2018

Lewis from Tapped Out Interviews is heading out to enjoy a great weekend of pro wrestling featuring two of Canada's hottest promotions, Smash Wrestling and Alpha 1. We decided to help bring the world to these great promotions with a special preview of these upcoming shows.


Nov 21, 2018

It's Thanksgiving week and we are thankful for all things pro wrestling. The guys get together before the holidays to discuss it including:

  • David Arquette's deathmatch incident and why he deserved respect beforehand and why these matches need to stop
  • Was WWE actually lucky in the timing of Becky Lynch's injury
  • Is using...

Nov 20, 2018

Gursinder Singh returns to the Tapped Out Podcast Network as he joins Lewis on another great episode of Tapped Out Interviews as they discuss: 

  • Who came up with the idea of the Desi Hit Squad
  • What he’s learned working with the legendary Gama Singh
  • If he is done with the Desi Hit Squad after losing to Rohit Raju
  • How...

Nov 19, 2018

Jumpin' Jim McDougal returns from a long hiatus to bring us one of the most entertaining podcast around as he discusses his affinity for Cody & The Young Bucks, the Nia Jax & Becky Lynch incident on Raw, fish sticks, and more

*Parody Show*

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