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Jan 25, 2024

This week the guys discuss:

  • WWE Raw headed to Netflix
  • The difference in domestic & international in the deal
  • Could Raw leave Mondays?
  • The Rock added to the Board of Directors of TKO
  • WWE Royal Rumble
  • Okada to WWE NXT?
  • AEW bringing back the rankings
  • Action Wrestling
  • Southern Fried Championship Wrestling
  • UWF
  • Pro Wrestling...

Jan 18, 2024

The guys open up the mailbag once again to answer questions about:

  • AI in pro wrestling
  • Seeing more of HHH's fingerprint in WWE
  • MJF heading to WWE
  • Why is AEW "losing steam"?
  • Cornette, Russo, and Bischoff
  • Nic Nemeth to TNA
  • Is TNA in a comeback era?
  • PW Tees Shirt of the Week

Jan 15, 2024

Nick and Heath of the Double Dropkick Podcast discuss the annual Georgia Awards covering all kinds of ground. Listen and hear as they discuss changes they'd make, things they like in the process, what they'd change about the voting, and finally hear them break down and make their selections in each category.




Jan 11, 2024

On this week's episode, the guys discuss:

  • Booking Rock/Roman/Cody thru Mania
  • WWE Raw to Amazon Prime Video?
  • What that means for AEW and WBD
  • AEW attendance trends
  • PW Tees Shirt of the Week
  • Southern Honor Wrestling
  • Anarchy Wrestling
  • IWE
  • and more


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Jan 4, 2024

On this week's episode, the guys discuss:

  • The Rock returns on WWE Raw Day 1
  • What now for Mania? or Elimination Chamber?
  • WWE's record 2023 & 2024 predictions
  • All Elite Wrestling's Worlds End
  • AEW 2024 Predictions
  • Southern Honor Wrestling
  • Anarchy Wrestling
  • PW Tees Shirt of the week